I've always been driven to try to figure out the best way to live my life, and, furthermore, to try to figure out if there is a "correct" way in which everyone should live their life. Prior to 2017, I made little positive progress on this problem, though there were some potential solutions I considered that I determined were not correct (e.g. Christianity). I went through a particularly difficult experience in the second half of 2017. The experience was actually quite trivial in and of itself, but I interpreted it in a very negative way. I didn't really face it and start processing it in a healthy way until March 2018. I consider that to be the beginning of a journey during which I've finally been able to successfully discover some positive principles regarding the proper way to live life. These probably aren't universal, and, who knows, some of them may even be wrong, but here are some of the ideas that have been helpful to me that I've discovered so far:

  • Good decisions beget good decisions. Bad decisions beget more bad decisions. The longer you avoid confronting a problem, the more difficult its resolution will be when you do.

  • An enlightened person rarely dwells on matters, and especially the matter of enlightenment.

  • Enlightment is not a property of a person; rather, enlightenment is a property of a person in a single moment based on their experience within that moment. A person who is enlightened today may not be enlightened tomorrow, and vice versa.

  • One cannot achieve enlightenment by pursuing enlightenment alone.

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